Japan Entertainment TOKYO provides project managers for performing arts and entertainment production. Please feel free to click CONTACT sign in this website for creative collaboration. We are pleased to support productions out of Japan if conditions permits. Let us inform job description including venue, schedule and budget.


What we can do:

  • Production management
  • Production PR
  • Tour Management
  • Reception
  • Usher
  • Grant Application(Only in Japanese)
  • Translation(Japanese―English)


  • 公演事務
  • 広報
  • 公演ツアーマネジメント
  • 公演受付
  • 場内誘導
  • 現場統括
  • 公演助成金申請書執筆代行(日本語のみ)
  • 通訳(日―英)
  • 翻訳(日―英)